January 3rd, 2003

  • alyfan

Jewel/Kaylee icons...

so I got obsessed creative tonight and decided to make a few icons...

If you want one (or more), you must be willing to share and credit in your keywords would be appreciated (but not required). Oh and comment cos I like praise :) My ego needs constant stroking ;)

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Steampunk L


My roomate recorded over my copy of the two-hour "season premiere" episode!! I finally had a free moment to watch it and it's got some boring Discovery Channel Amimals of the Future special on it. Now I feel like crying.

Does anyone know where I could get a copy?

Global Frequency (Warren Ellis)
  • mouser

Lemme get this straight

Fox kills Firefly and they put on:
Joe Millionaire
American Idol
Wanda at Large
Cedric the Entertainer

And, dear god in heaven, have you SEEN their mid-season replacements?!?!
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