January 4th, 2003


No, mei mei,...

Damn, I'm going to miss Firefly. Every weekend, I watch an ep (I have them all on my computer; I just watched "Ariel"). And every weekend I wonder why anyone would cancel such a well-written and well-performed show. What an under-realized treasure.

...it's time to wake up.
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We moved out, and terraformed a whole new galaxy of Earths...

Read 'Habitable Planets May Be Common' from New Scientist Magazine. One paragraph really stuck out at me:

'The researchers found that around a quarter of the systems contained regions where life-friendly planets could in principle exist. This is much higher than previously thought, says Tabachnik. Extrapolated across the entire Galaxy, that makes a lot of new Earths.'

Seems Joss wasn't too far off, after all. I wonder if the writer of that article watched Firefly?
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