January 19th, 2003

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CeceOnline.com has a forum!

I just found out my new webhost comes with a bulliten board/forum, so I set one up... so far I have a general chat/babble topic, Buffy & Angel topics, a Spoiler topic, Common Rotation, and Alyson.... happy to add more, I think I will do a Firefly and a Roswell topic also cos I *heart* those shows.. and maybe one for L&O *G* Anyway, stop by, check it out, get posty.... :)

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Tim Minear on "Firefly"

From http://timminear.net/

[Jan 19, 03] As many of you already know, SciFi has also passed on Firefly. Tim had the following to say today about Firefly's future,
"Also wanted to let everyone here know that Firefly is not dead. Not yet. Joss and us'ns are working on a new angle, the details of which I cannot get into just yet. Also, I'm finishing editing my last episode. I think it's gonna be good. And 'Trash' is lots of fun and we're finishing 'Heart Of Gold.' So some day, at the very least, ya'll get for certain three more hours of us."