February 21st, 2003

Veronica (Heathers)


Just wanted to let people know about this:
Visual effects Awards gave an award to Firefly :)
Best Visual Effects in a Television series:
-- "Firefly" pilot episode "Serenity," for visual effects in a series. - Emile Smith, Rocco Passionino, Loni Peristere, Kristen Branan....

Just thought this was cool info :)

what i think

I had given up hope on Firefly. I love the show. I've had 2 watching parties at my house in Austin, Texas, told everyone I know about it, and love the ideas and philosophy behind it. But I had reserved myself to the fact that I'd only have the already-aired episodes, along with the 3 that haven't been shown yet. That was all from the Firefly 'verse, I thought. Until the other day...

Then Nathan has to go and post that Joss is STILL working hard on Firefly, that the sets can be reassembled in a heartbeat, and that he'd LOVE to return as Captain Malcolm Reynolds. So...

Fox execs, to us: "I'm thinking, somebody needs to put you down, dog! What do you think?"

Firefly fans and Joss Whedon: "I'm thinking we'll rise again."

And I have hope again.
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news on DVDs?

Forgive me if this question has been asked previously; I've just joined (and hi, btw). Has the issue of DVDs been addressed here? Or does anyone here know anything? For those of us who didn't see more than a few episodes, there's not going to be another way to see the show--unless someone with influence on TPTB gets Sci-Fi Channel to pick it up as a short rotation serial.
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