April 16th, 2003


In the meantime...

Hi all! Ive been watching for a while and thought I'd finally join. You might know me as BlueHoot from the main Firefly board.

The news of a DVD is very exciting! Rumor has it's going to be December. Right near my birthday! Or, right in time to be put on your Christmas list! Hooray!

Now feel free to yell at me for this next part:
In the meantime while we're waiting for Firefly, the serenity_rp also known as Firefly Sock Puppet Theatre, might be a fun thing to watch. Its kind of a cross between RP, fanfiction and online performance art. You never know what the Socks might do! One day they're fighting the next day they're doing an interpretive dance.

Anyhow, I hope that some good Firefly news keeps coming! Keep Flying!
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