April 23rd, 2003

some questions can't be answered
  • jynk


Funny I should say that, since it's Inara I've got up for adoption. Thanks to Wheatheart, the other two journals for the Firefly Sock Puppet Theatre. If anyone's got a real interest in trying their hand at being Inara, we'd appreciate it. Feel free to read up on our community's info and ask questions. You can either leave a comment here, or contact Jayne or myself over AIM. Sorry...my email's wonky at the moment...if I ever get my hands on those ruttin' hackers...but I'm usually on AIM. So, if you like writing fanfic, like role-playing, and/or like acting...and would like to try you hand at being your favorite Firefly character in a fun enviroment, let us know.

Also looking for other character established on the show (like Jubal Early) or original, NON-Mary-Sue characters.
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