June 6th, 2003

The prisoner
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According to this link, the UK version of Sci-Fi Channel has begun to air the first six episodes of Firefly, and will likely show the unaired episodes as well.
Hopefully this means some kindhearted limeys out there will be recording high quality AVI's or MPEG's of the final episodes, so the rest of us can have a chance to watch them without having to wait for the DVD's.
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(x-posted from my LJ but it has to be posted here)

Adam Baldwin in the Fox Firefly forums:

1st post: " 4235.194037 in reply to 4235.194021

>>> "...so what's the news...c'mon....I can barely contain myself..." <<<

2nd post: "EWOK MOMMY!!!!
We will see a FF movie!
Within 18 months!?
(movies take more time than tv)
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