September 17th, 2003

The New Meeting Place(s)

Well. Since The Unnameable Network shut down our Official Board, the Browncoats have been scattered thither and yon across the net in search of a new home. For those of you who are also lost, here is a list of the places we can be found: - Eric's Board. Looks the most like our old home. - The Generic F*X Board. Eye-bleeding colours, trolls, and lost X-Philes abound. - Allison's Board. Adam Baldwin has been spotted here. - Kiba Rika's Board. She is the creator of Firefly Immediate Assistance.

A vote will be held here:
to determine the location of our new "official" home, but until then we are board-hopping around, just trying to stay in the sky. Mutant Enemy is trying to find a way to get the old F*X board back, and perhaps Universal will create a board for the movie, but in the meantime, these are the options.

See you in the world.
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