November 19th, 2003


First Periodic SHINY Awards!

Hey kids! I have randomly decided to start something called the SHINY awards. Its the "first periodic" because it might not be annual, it might not be semi-annual...It'll probably vary with the time on when they go out. SHINY is an acronym in progress, so far the only thing me and some others have come up with is something like: Sensational Happiness Including Neato Yabos. Like I said, work in progress. Got something better? post it.

Its going to be "sponsored" by the Firefly Fan Sites WebRing ( and there will be only two categories this go-round:

Most Dispatched: a site belonging to the FFS:WR will have dispatched the most visitors to other sites belonging to the WR. This means people are visiting site A and then going to sites B, C, D, E, etc from that site.

Most Visitors: a site in the FFS:WR having the most visitors or hits by folks already "traveling" the ring. Meaning people are visiting site G the most from any other site in the ring.

The two categories are not necessarily mutually exclusive all of the time so the same site can have both awards.

I'll be posting the results soon and in the meantime, spread the love!

Keep Flyin!