December 2nd, 2003


SHINY Awards!

I now have the winners for the First Periodic SHINY Awards!

As I dont have a good acronym for SHINY quite yet, make up your own. Post it if you want, I'll probably adopt the best one.

Currently there are only three awards and they are currently members of the FireflyFanSites WebRing at but future awards might not be limited to just web sites.

Now for the winners:

For the "Most Dispatched" award in dispatching the most visitors to other sites in the ring, the award goes to....

Captain Tightpants

For the "Most Visitors" award in having the most visitors to their site from already traveling the ring, the award goes to....

Joh's Site

And last but not least, the "Ruttin' Cool" award goes to....

Dave's Firefly FAQ

Each award recipient will recieve an award image to display if they wish.

I will now take category suggestions and nominations for the Second Periodic SHINY Awards!

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