December 9th, 2003


DVD Tuesday! x-posted


let me just take a moment to do something very unlike me

Ahem, now that I have that out of my system. So its Browncoat Day aka Firefly Tuesday (Fridays were better but alas is no longer) aka December 9th for the rest of the folk out there. The Firefly DVD set is officially out and on the shelves. Despite my mixed feelings for the cover design, its a beautiful thing.

Went down to Suncoast to pick up my pre-ordered set. Also picked up some LOTR for mom's Christmas present. The guy tried charging me what is now full price 49.99 for it! I think not! When I pre-ordered it and put my $5 down, the price was a steal at $19.99. I expected to pay the difference. He ended up giving it to me for the origional agreed upon low low price but was mumbling about how whoever helped me must've pointed at the wrong price. No, it is not the employee's fault that it was origionally marked that low....that was a corporate error that me and many others across the US had jumped at the chance to exploit. Ahh...exploitation, dare I say in good Browncoat fashion?

Well its not exploitation really, Browncoats just know how to take advantage of a good thing if they can find one.

So, if you already did your preorder through Suncoast, especially if you only did the $5 down like myself, dont budge, make them actually look at your reciepts and a copy of their list-o-dvds from a few weeks ago if they still have it. Reciepts is the key. Dont back down. Explain that you're not the only one taking advantage of a corporate error.