December 10th, 2003

  • duncang

Easter Eggs?

Okay so I heard(read) that there was supposed to be an easter egg on the 4th disc of Jayne singing "The hero of Canton"
But I can't find it. can any verify that it's there and maybe give me a hint?

In other news, we managed to sell out every single Best Buy in Austin, as well as at least one Target.
Go Fandom!
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Watching the DVD's, which arrived yesterday. The section on How It Was makes me just weep.

How could something so excellent be thrown away like this? What kind of world is it we live in when art is mistaken for trash and trash for art?

I'll never understand why Firefly was cancelled. It is the best TV show ever.
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New guy here...

And what I find it to be, that LJ has an established "Firefly" presance. I made the mistake of missing this wonderful series firsthand on that evil network, Fox; getting all my episodes second-hand from my VCR on autorecord, and I must say...These Fox executives are MORONS...Picked up my DVD-Set on Tuesday, and I am weeping that this is all there is. Hopefully, the motion-picture gets made, and inspires a spin-off or something. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr...