December 22nd, 2003


Duplicate FF Discs!

Has anybody besides me discovered that your Firefly DVD set contains two copies of disc 3 and no copy of disc 2? I do have the cover for disc 2. It sucks. I want to watch 'Shindig'!
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FF:Wash What the Shit
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Just wanted to say Hi as I enter..

I'm shocked and amazed that there seems to be so many Firefly fans out there. All this time I thought I was one of about 5 people in the world upset that FOX canceled the show, only to find out it's quite the opposite.

What a wonderful world we live in..

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episode order?

I'm on disk 3 now...and was wondering. Have they ever explained why they showed the episodes out of order (and skipped some)? I'm just curious since it makes no sense.

Great show. I'm still mourning both Firefly and Farscape. :(