December 30th, 2003

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Geeks love Firefly - but we knew this already

Good news - Firefly has (almost) famous fans online. The authors of Penny Arcade are both Firefly fans - one is a new fan, the other an old one. Lots and lots of gamer geeks read Penny Arcade, so I'm delighted to see Tycho's incoherent raves. Tycho writes, "It's the best television program in recent memory." He also links to Herc's recap of the Firefly Q&A at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention at Ain't It Cool News.

i love my captain

I wonder if the cast of Firefly knows how much we still love them. I want to write to them somehow, and to Joss. Watching the DVDs, I smile and laugh, I feel so connected to the characters. I can't understand why FOX set them up to fail. It really is the best TV show ever created. Do you think we could help get the movie launched if we right to Universal? How about if we write to Joss and let him know how we continue spreading the fandom to even more people. Since I got my DVD set I have recruited one enthusiastic fan and another who just realized she likes the show. How about you? How successful have you been in recruiting browncoats?

Anybody know where to write to Joss?
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some people call me Maurice

x-posted to my journal, some Mal icons for as to spread the Mal love far and wide. Take, share, enjoy, whatever.

These will probably not be the only Firefly icons I make. *g* Also, I take requests. And if you hum a few bars, I'll fake it. *g*

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