January 21st, 2004


The Original Firefly Sock Puppet Theatre--Casting Call

The first ever Firefly RolePlay is holding a large casting call! The original Firefly Sock Puppet Theatre wants you!

Here's a little bit of information about us. We have been actively playing for almost a year now, come February 8th, with a plethora of cast, crew and origional characters. We are a combination of RP, character's private journals, performance art and we strive to have weekly episodes, ongoing plots and lots of character interaction. We like to have some serious time and explore some of the open ended questions that Joss gave us on the show as well as some wacky fun such as soup, shoe throwing and various animals! You never know, Jayne just might do an interpretive dance!

You might be familiar with the sunnydale_socks. We liked them so much that we wanted to pay hommage to them with our Firefly Sock Puppet Theatre group. They had helped us get on our feet at the beginning and we thank them!

We started out here on LiveJournal but recently moved over to GreatestJournal because it's easier to make lots of new journals with lots of new icons. Our main community can be found here. And our homepage is titled Firefly Sock Puppet Theatre.

We are looking for lots of new characters with some openings being in the main crew of Serenity! We would also like to have bunches of secondary characters to interact with such as Patience and Magistrate Higgins. Here is our Cast List but please inquire specifically about which character you'd like as the list isnt fully updated. We seem to add new characters each day! If you have any ideas for original characters, we'd like to hear them!

Our first community can be found at serenity_rp for new readers and archival purposes.

To inquire, you can comment here with your preference and email or AIM screenname or you can contact our admin directly at :mercenaryjayne@yahoo.com or AIM screenname MercenaryJayne.

I hope to see you around the Verse! Keep Flying!
Cross-posted at: fireflyfans, jossverse, josswhedon, whedons_firefly and my personal journal. I said it was a large casting call! hehe
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