February 5th, 2004

nature girl


Hi there -

I'm a new Firefly addict - I just started watching it when it came out on DVD, and am now OBSESSED.

Anyway, I was checking in new periodicals here at the library when I noticed a rather striking woman on the cover of Black Enterprise. "Hey," I though to myself," she looks familiar - it's ZOE!"

They're doing a feature on people of both African and Latino ancestry, and put the lovely Gina Torres on the cover :)

browncoat ball shindig - sept '04

hi everyone... pretty new to livejournal, but i have found so many firefly fans!

i thought i should mention that a group of fans is throwing a BIG shindig in september in chicago!

check out our website http://www.browncoatball.com for more info.

...and read about the award we won spreading the firefly love at capricon ( http://www.capricon.org ) in january...

if you are interested in attending, please register... no obligation!

hope you can make it!

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Summer puppy by ninneve


Hey i'm new to the community. I've watched Firefly since the first episode but i've been kinda slow on the uptake of looking for and joining Firefly communities. I'm Erica and my favorite characters are Simon and Inara and my favorite pairings are Kaylee/Simon and Mal/Inara. I'm a big icon maker and if you have any requests just leave them in a comment in my journal.

For an odd bit of news, I recently found a town near mine named Canton. Doubt its a mudders town as this is Pennsylvania, where everything is currently snowy, but I intend to take a drive through it and check it out.

Sadly, I don't own the DVD's because I don't own a DVD player. We're still living in the 80's here. Also I have dialup so downloading the eps would take forever. But i fully intend to own the DVD's one day.
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