February 11th, 2004

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Hey, I just stumbled across this. I just got a live journal. I've watched Firefly since it first came out on fox. I am still bitter that they canceled it. Joss Whedon kicks butt. Anyway, I am so excited about the possibility of a movie. Everyone who hasn't yet, go to Fireflymovie.com It has great ideasfor spreading Firefly news.
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Movie (and series) rumors

From http://www.fireflyfans.net/news.asp?newsid=470

"...we knew that the movie became held up back at the end of December. The original script was shelved and Joss wrote something else entirely. Something less of an epilogue and more of a potential springboard to a series return. Due to that and some other time constraints and projects, there was signifigant delay. Distribution stuff bogged down the works. Look for a few more official type snippets at the usual sources... "