February 19th, 2004

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somewhere better than this place

Some Firefly icons, guided by Rickie Lee Jones as part of my ongoing RLJ/Firefly collusion (and if you only knew, wouldn't you?). Take, share, comment, and keyword credit's appreciated. Listening to Rickie Lee Jones is even more appreciated. My heart to yours, enjoy:

1. :: 2. :: 3. :: 4.

5. :: 6. :: 7. :: 8.

Liner notes:

1. text courtesy of "Heart of Gold," the penultimate episode of Firefly
2. text courtesy of "War Stories," sideways
3. courtesy of Stephen King's Dark Tower series and Jake's words upon his second death: "go, then. There are other worlds than these."
4. Rickie Lee Jones, "Rodeo Girl"
5. Rickie Lee Jones, "Atlas' Marker"
6. text courtesy of "War Stories," Kaylee
7. Rickie Lee Jones, "On Saturday Afternoons in 1963"
8. Rickie Lee Jones, "Beat Angels"

Let me recommend to the novice the albums Flying Cowboys and Traffic From Paradise, or to the more willing to experiment, RLJ's eponymous album or the subsequent Pirates. For a good all-acoustic kind of best-of, no home should be without Naked Songs.

This has been a Rickie Lee Jones/Firefly PSA in the hopes of spreading the love and the fannishness in both directions.
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