March 15th, 2004


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I just read that the movie will be shot in New York City and upstate New York. Since I am right here on Long Island, does anyone know if there is a way to become an extra? :)

Longest running Firefly RP!

The Firefly Sock Puppet Theatre is the longest running Firefly RP.

Some readers might have noticed that our LJ accounts were not very active. Never fear, we didnt go away! A while ago, we moved over here.

We love readers! What can we say? It is even rumored that we have had some special Someones, with a capital S, as readers.

We also love more characters/Socks to play with!

Want more info? Check out the links above and/or comment below.

And the letter of the day is M. M is for MOOOOOVIIIIEEE!

Keep Flyin'!