March 24th, 2004


Marcon - May 28-30th - help spread the firefly love!

This May 28th thru 30th (Memorial Day Weekend) in Columbus, Ohio is MARCON (Multiple Alternatives Realities Convention). There will be discussions, authors, art shows etc. There will also be a FIREFLY PRESENCE!! This will include a Firefly Panel Discussion and a Firefly Party Room! (party room will be companion bordello/blue sun room theme)

There will also be many Buffy/Angel related panels and a Buffy the Musical Singalong with a live cast Rocky Horror style!!!

Two years ago 3500 people attended Marcon. I believe that rivals last year's attendance at WorldCon! One of the organizers met the Chicago Browncoats at CapriCon last year & came again to their FF party room this year. This time he requested a Browncoat Presence at marcon! We need to honor that request!

So far we have only four confirmations. We need more help and more local columbus, ohio browncoats to attend! The participants will be renting a party room for two nights ($230 - to be split among as many browncoats as commit to pitching in cash), providing decorations, man power & the like. Even if you can't afford to pitch in with cash, your presence at the con will help us out tremendously!!! You can chat with visitors to the party room, help change the dvds, etc, and hang around while some of the party room organizers fulfill their commitments by hosting some panels in the con (including a firefly panel!!). If you are interested in helping &/or promoting Firefly and the Firefly Movie let us know!! If you have any questions, you can post them here.

for marcon info:

for keeping updated with the con shindig plans, please respond to this post or email me.

(original post by flyhead - some edits made)

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