April 5th, 2004

River & Simon

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Once I took the universe to dinner,
when she failed to yield to earth's demands
"oh" she said "you mean that little ant farm?
I'm alright dear, I've got other plans"

And we're sad because we think we don't belong here,
we're guilty 'cause we think we should be stars,
floating in a navy soup we're sailing,
there you are, there you are.

She's so bright, and then she's gone
Don't mind me,
I'm just sailing on a sunrise,
it's my favorite thing,
and when are you going to realize-
I don't blame you, I never have

And when she talks she fills the room with sunlight,
she can name her babies every one,
I've returned the place of my beginning,
I can see her turning off the sun

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