April 7th, 2004

New fan


My friend kept telling me I must watch Firely, and eventually a couple of weeks ago i sat down and watched an episode - and then another - and then i got hold of the rest, and the corretc order to watch them in. I must have seen them all in less than a day and a half! This is one amazing show - a real tragedy in the way the tv network mishandled it. :-( I have my DVD set preorded so am just waiting! Wonderful news about the movie too! I totally love the theme song too. :)

I think i'd say my favourite character would be Kaylee, but it would have been great to have more episodes so we could have delved further into all the characters. There was clearly so much to learn about all of them.

Anyways - it's good to find a firefly community, and i hope to talk to you all more.

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