June 7th, 2004

Instant convert

In two evenings I've gone from "FIrefly? That was Joss Whedon's science fiction show, right?" to rabid fan eagerly awaiting the release of Serenity.

The plan was to watch the first episode last night and go to bed (company in town so it had to be done late) after a friend dropped off the DVDs and informed me I must watch. Instead I stayed up half the night watching the first two discs, then watched the last two tonight, including all of the extras on the fourth disc. Once I realized there were subtitles, I turned them on so as not to miss a thing.

Tomorrow night I'll be watching all the commentaries.

Random thoughts:

*Jewel Staite is one of the prettiest women on this or any planet. Period.
*I wish I looked like Sean Maher
*If any of you play roleplaying games (the pencil, paper and dice kind), the game Traveller will immediately remind you of Firefly
*I need to learn to curse in Chinese
*I find it interesting that at least two Part of FIve alumni ended up on science fiction shows--Ben Browder on Farscape and Sean, of course, on Firefly
*Many writers have done the whole "western set in space," thing, and done good jobs of it (Cowboy Bebop, several Heinlein novels, etc.), but I've not seen any succeed quite this well.

Th-th-that's all, folks.
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I, Robot.

I just found this out last week, while at the movies, and apologies in advance if this is old news for all of you.

But, everyone should go see that new movie I, Robot when it comes out. Alan Tudyk plays the robot! Not just the voice, but he did alot of Gollum-esque jumping around in a neon green track suit, for the cg of the actual robot in scenes.

That's all, for now. Ta! :)
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