June 19th, 2004

Burn Notice b/w

Pimpin ain't easy..lemme tell ya

So...here it is 1:30..on after work just like I promised and -trancifer- Who swore up and down she would be awake and on line...is nowhere to be found (of course).

I have discovered a new love in my world of writing...it's firefly fanfic which I'm writing with lyndalynn who has stopped writing on our story just as it's getting good. (hoping maybe if I prod her in public she'll write for me.) :D I have already begun the e-mail harrassment (I saved that E-mail Lynn...I'm gonna send it to you over and over again til you do your part :D )

-trancifer- is also writing a story on the fanfic board that ROCKS!

if you're interested here's the link to the site...


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