June 23rd, 2004


New Review: Firefly 1.2

It's hard not to look at this episode without thinking of a similar situation: JMS' "Crusade", where the original pilot ("Racing the Night") was forced to run well after a network-mandated and vastly inferior second pilot ("War Zone"). Joss pulled it off a bit more smoothly, I think, and this episode actually works better following "Serenity" than it did on its own.

Here's my review of the DVD version of Firefly 1.2: "The Train Job":


Overall, this episode is strong enough on its own merits, but it’s obviously caught between two very different needs: to serve as an introductory episode, and to build on what was revealed in the pilot. As a result, it sometimes manages to fail in one regard while excelling in the other. Even so, there are some important plot threads introduced along the way.
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