June 27th, 2004

Ok... HI!

Well I'm new to this whole thing, but I've quickly become a huge fan of the show. Friends sat me down and made me watch it and I instantly fell in love with it! ^_^/

But anyway, my introducing myself as a firefly fan isn't really the point of this, my first post here, it's actually to note that I'm probably a little too obsessed because I got a whack job idea in my head the other night and stayed up all night hacking apart bits and pieces of footaget to make this --> http://www.worldsaga.net/media/Firefly%20-%20Adrenaline.wmv My first attempt at making any sort of video at all.

Note that I am aware there are problems with the video but it was my first try ever so it's bound to be a little messed up! To heck with this computer and it's failure to comply with my demands!

Anyway. I thought I would share with all you other Firefly fans out there. If I ever finish a cleaner, better made video I'll probably post that too. ^__^
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Posting props to lyndalynn for her Firefly Adoption agency, i adopted River a little while ago and things are going great! She's only tried to kill me once, and hey, thats okay!

Thanks again, ~Ty.