July 13th, 2004

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Some interesting links I've found over the past few days: I've lost track of where I've posted
them... LJ, NewB, TWoP... who knows? They may be crossposts for some of you, sorry about the linkspam.

  • First, a report on the visit that landed a very "guh" pic of Nathan. Can I just say, exceedingly jealous? More pics at the bottom of the entry.


  • Second, a non-review of I, Robot, with a possible rebuttal by a possible Alan Tudyk.
    Spoiler possibility: Wash's real name? The original post is at the top, the replies start from
    the bottom. (add http://www. to the begining of the url and remove the space before "#")

    fireflyfans.net/showblog.asp?b=590& #1863

  • Production artwork for the BDM. Spoiler possibilities: money, planet name, snack food.


  • There's good buzz for Serenity already...number 17 on this list.


  • Lastly, Alan Tudyk is the first Firefly regular to be listed on HSX. His "stock" goes on sale at 8am EST tomorrow (Wed, July 14). For those who invest in Serenity Stock, it's a fairly steady climb. For those who wonder what the fuss is with this site, studios use it as a fairly accurate gauge of interest in productions. According to Time magazine, it has been the most accurate predictor of Oscar winners for the past 6 years or so. (and it's free and spam-free as far as I can tell.)


Jewel says thank you for the cakes ....


Humongous cakes!

I think I may have spelled humongous wrong.
Just a quick note to say we all LOOOOVED the cakes that were sent to the set today. They were wonderfully creamy and fatty in every good sense of the word! They were devoured.
Also, all of the "browncoats" we met were incredibly sweet and kind. Thank you for joining us and we hope you had a fabulous day!

Thanks again....