July 19th, 2004

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Alliance vs. Federation?

Posting a question from a friend:

Where can I find an essay or some thoughts on Firefly's Alliance vs Star Trek's Federation? It's so obvious, it's got to be out there, since really, isn't Whedon almost sticking his frickin tongue out at the Federation with every episode of Firefly? Someone has to have talked about it, someone who watched Star Trek for more than Picard. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :)

Attention all Portland Browncoats!

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HUZZAH, HUZZAH! The Portland Browncoats webpage is finally up!


If you're in the Portland, OR area (or want to be), this will (hopefuly) serve as a central information source for the Browncoat contingent's activities. Come check it out, sign up for the mailing list, and vote on where and when our next get-together will be. 'Cause there's a shiny bunch of Browncoats right here in the Rose City and it's about time we all met each other!