July 26th, 2004


New Review: Firefly 1.4

I always feel like this episode is just a little too light-hearted, even though I like it. I love the really dark and painful episodes..."Out of Gas" and "War Stories" come to mind...but even so, a light-hearted episode is a good thing, sometimes. Made it hard to figure out what to say when writing this up over the weekend, though...

Here's my review for Firefly 1.4: "Shindig" (DVD version):


Overall, this episode was somewhat lighter than the episodes that have come before, giving the audience a moment to rest while also delving into the complexities of the relationship between Mal and Inara. While the lack of serious depth makes it seem like something is missing, and the context of Persephone society within the rest of the Alliance is hard to gauge, the episode makes its case with a certain grace.
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