July 31st, 2004

"browncoats" will be the title for our "trekkies":

i just watched "trekkies" and i loved that documentary and this is coming from someone who doesnt follow star trek.

do you guys think we will get OUR(as firefly/serenity fans) documentary about the fans of FF/serenity? the thing that makes trekkies so cool(or uncool depending on how you look at it) is that the fans are willing to dress up like their favorite characters from the show. not saying that BDF(big damn fans) are not willing to do that cause i mean, firefly characters threads are 100 times cooler looking that star trek or star wars threads. i mean with firefly, the clothes are normal clothes. so a documentary on it wouldnt be the same i guess. cause thats the reason i like trekkies cause you get to see people dress up all wacky.

sorry im just posting off the top of my head here. if i make no sense, forgive me.

random firefly/serenity thoughts:

if a trilogy happens, they following movies will be titled:
serenity:a new hope(for firefly to return to network tv)
serenity: the reavers strike back
serenity:return of the browncoats

a love supreme dreaming...


to anyone and everyone:
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