November 23rd, 2004


Change to the "Firefly" Review Schedule

With the change in the release date for "Serenity", I now have a little more time to finish up the DVD reviews for "Firefly". So here's the rough schedule that I'll be working; the expectation is that the reviews will be closer to the end of each month listed:

12/04 - "Ariel"

2/05 - "War Stories"

4/05 - "Trash"

6/05 - "The Message"

7/05 - "Heart of Gold"

8/05 - "Objects in Space"

10/05 - "Serenity: The Film"

The idea here is to give myself a little more room to breathe come January (when "24" and "Alias" start up again), and then resume the monthly schedule over the summer leading into the film.
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