December 13th, 2004


New Review: Firefly 1.9

This is one of those episodes that started off near the top of my list and hasn't budged since then. This was the beginning of the next phase for the series, when the story began to get even more interesting and plot threads began to advance. It's practically criminal that the damned network executives had already given up on the series by this point, when things were really hitting all cylinders. "Out of Gas", "Ariel", and "War Stories" is a killer combination!

Here's my review for Firefly 1.9: "Ariel" (DVD version):

Overall, this episode is a logical and thrilling extension of two of the plot threads established early in the season. Not a moment of time is wasted, and the stakes are raised for the crew once the episode is over. River and Jayne both come to a turning point, whether they realize it or not, and Mal gets to show some of his dark side again. This is an example of an episode with few mistakes and plenty of highlights.
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