March 12th, 2005

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How do?

Like a great many Firefly fans, I was peripherally aware of the show and the concept ( mostly gleaned from updates off of ), but due to life being what it is, I never saw a peep of it on TV. It sounded like a fantastic idea that I had completely missed out on. I sighed and shrugged and when on about my business.

And then I saw the box set. I was particularly interested in seeing this thing for myself. I decided to buy it. And I fell in love with the show immediately. There is a rugged Southern charm with an undercurrent and influence of Eastern culture, a mixture that was immediately appealing to me. I was thinking of Gene Roddenberry's original pitch for Star Trek: "Wagon Train to the stars." I sneered at the thought of what ST had become long ago, and was instantly warmed by the memory of what the first ten minutes of the pilot episode "Serenity" had done for my baby soul. Deus, I could easily imagine BEING there. It wouldn't be like the stunning sense of finding myself in an alternate universe; more like it would be that Taoist acceptance and that realization that I actually BELONG there. I could suspend my disbelief and, for an hour or so, feel perfectly at home.

The beauty of Firefly is: It's science fiction about PEOPLE.

I began turning on some friends to the show, inviting them over to watch an episode or two. A couple of them had to get their own collections, they were so impressed.

I've had a great interest in Chinese culture and philosophy for a number of years, but somehow, watching Firefly really put the bug in my ear to do something more. That, and the insistence of a history professor's comment about understanding the Eastern Way as being the golden ticket to a prosperous future, led me to pursue the Mandarin language. ( Gah, the tonalities! One wrong slip... )

So thanks Joss, and cast and crew, for lovely experiences and good things to come. And hello, fellow fans! ( Anyone is Austin? )
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Hey guys I am sure all of you have heard of the massive Fan convention called Comic-Con; Well Joss and crew were there last and will most likely be there this year as well. Some very cool Browncoats have set up a fan table but they need volunteers. So if you are interested in being a big help with the fan table at Comic Con email this fabulous lady: Also in the subject line write "Comic Con San Diego" cause she will get back to you faster. I hope to see you all there helping out or there at all supporting out dear Serenity :)
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