March 13th, 2005


Serenity 2005 Convention Schedule

Joss Whedon, along with members of the Serenity cast, are scheduled to appear at the following events this year:

Wizard World, Long Beach CA (March 20)
Serenity Convention, London, UK, (April 29-May 1)
Wizard World, Philadelphia, PA (June 4)
ComicCon, San Diego, CA (July 14-17)
DragonCon, Atlanta, GA (September 2-5)
Mal/Serenity OTP

Looking for a specific image...

If I'm not supposed to post this here, my bad. Let me know and I'll delete the entry. Or delete it your own self, I don't care.


I'm looking for a good, clear screencap of the side of Serenity, specifically the bomber girl and ship's name painted on the hull. The only thing I can find after a session of Googling and digging through the archives at FIREFLYFANS.NET is a picture of the side of the ship that when resized larger, the Betty Page-type pin up girl gets blurred and unfocused. I've seen the clear, detailed screencap before, but it was about a year ago and my memory ain't that great. I think it was on a fanfiction site, now that I think about it. Any help in the matter would be appreciated!

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Learn to swear in chinese!!!

I just found this website that translates the Chinese lines in firefly. I don't know if everyone already knew about this and I'm just one of the last to discover it but... yeah.

Anyway, so here's the link. I think it's spiffy. the pinying (romanization style) uses the number system to represent tones and offers related expressions with the lines from the episodes. It even describes how the actors mispronounce stuff!

My favorite so far: Collapse )

Seriously. someone could create a college level 1-credit chinese language class out of this material. :)

The link: Firefly Chinese Pinyinary
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