March 23rd, 2005

purple w/ new moon


Hi everyone.
I've already commented a bit, so I guess I should tell how I came to be a Firely fan.

I was converted rather forcibly enthusiasitcally by my son and his fiancee' (the creators of Two Lumps, a webcomic), whilst I was visiting them in Dallas. They were only able to get me through three episodes during my short stay, but it left me with a craving for more.

So for Xmas I got a DVD player and they sent me the whole FF set.

Last weekend my daughter saw the first disk, loved it, and now plans to convert her bf.

I also have a couple of friends who have been showing me, episode by episode, the whole run of B5 (something I somehow missed before). They've promised me that when we get done, they will allow me to intro them to Firefly.
Well, late at night last weekend we were testing to see if my DVD player was broken, and I put in just the first disk ... they caught a glimpse of "Serenity"..and on the spot, they decided that they wanted to see it the next time they came over. Not to wait till the end of B5 (which I must admit is/was a great series; sorry I missed its original airdates).

:) :) :)

This series sells itself, I swear.
It has a certain spirit.

"and they told two people..and they told two people..and..."

I understand the movie is finished, and some have already been to a screening.
Of course I really really don't want to see any spoilers, but
how good is it?