March 31st, 2005

Firefly Meetup - Saturday, April 2nd


Lets bump-up our Firefly meetups!

We can plan tactics for getting out the word on the BDM. We can practice cursing in Chinese , share ideas of the best conversion tools and have a good time.

This Saturday, April 2nd at 2pm

In Hollywood, California the Firefly meetup is at the Cat & Fiddle on Sunset.
The Hollywood-East LA Firefly Meetup Group

All Browncoats welcome!

Steven Gibson

(no subject)

Hello, I just joined so I thought I'd say hi. I got Firefly due spontaneous DVD buying, and am bow completely in love with it. My favourite characters are Simon, because he is so lovely, and River for having the best dance in existence. My aim in life is now to convert as many people as possibble to Firefly, I cannot believe it got cancelled. Very excited about Serenity, but I hope the reavers look scary, not like some of the demons on Buffy. TTFN.