April 20th, 2005


I need help!

Ok, I'm a Firefly fan. This much can be assumed, merely because I'm posting here. However, due to various ironies in life which are too long to describe here, I've ended up agreeing to go to both DragonCon and ComicCon. It only makes sense that, when going to the effort to go to two separate major conventions, I should be somewhat prepared. There are several items a good loyal fan should bring to these conventions. Such as a laptop with a DVD player, to watch the movies, should the need arise. Enough alcohol to drown a small village, such as Los Angeles. And a costume.

However, I have no costume experience. I think it would be absolutely kick-ass to put together a good Browncoat militia costume. However, I really don't know where to start. So, if there's anyone out there who can at least point me in the direction of some resources or a starting point, or know of a good place to pick up some various accessories that might go well, please, I'd love the advice.

One thing worth noting... I have several advantages when pursuing a costume.

First, DragonCon is six months away, give or take, and that's really when I *need* to be done, so I have time.

Second, I'm more than willing to spend whatever money is necessary, and am willing to hire people for any true costuming work that needs to be done. (If I ever picked up a needle, I'd probably sever two major arteries and poke out three eyes. That would probably stain the costume I was working on, and is therefore a bad idea.)

Third, I own a battery-powered blender which I will be bringing with me to both conventions, along with a rather startling collection of rum. Anyone who can help is welcome to all the rum they want, should they come to any of the above-mentioned conventions.

Links, forums, online stores, good pictures of browncoat costumes, anything at all. I've done some searching myself, but sadly, I'm rather new at this, and so, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.