April 26th, 2005


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Ok, I've never been the hugest Jayne fan (I always thought he was a great character and very funny and human, but he never made me swoon) but dear god he looks HOT in that trailer. HOT, I say.

Download the trailer?

Does anyone know where I might find a torrent or a link to the trailer? I can watch it on my ibook, but my box at home uses linux/firefox which makes it impossible to watch on my larger pretty desktop screen because there isn't sufficient plugin support yet... So, I'm looking for a file to download.

Anyone have a link? Or a yousendit?

Or anyone geeky enough to teach me how to hack up a firefox plugin that would work? :) :) :)

I know another person already posted earlier about trying to find it streamed in other formats too. this might help that person as well.

(btw, i'm looking for the new trailer. not the old torrent link.

Nevermind. This thread has working direct links to the .mov files that I can download: link!!
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The Grand Jossverse Unification Theory

After watching the trailer for Serenity today and reading this post on rec.arts.sf.tv I came up with a Grand Jossverse Unification theory and posted it to my blog.

Below is a copy, I'd really appreciate your input and additions!

Is River a Slayer???

Someone on rec.arts.sf.tv asks about River's fight scene in the Serenity trailer, "There appears to be some Buffyesque action going on there. Do you suppose she could be...a slayer?"

Wow! What a great theory! I don't think that's where Joss is going to take this, but it would explain so much, and if nothing else the fan fic possibilities are endless.

Willow's spell in the Buffy series finale activated all the potential Slayers in the world, and made it so that from then on all potential Slayers would have their full powers. If Firefly is the future of the same Jossverse, then presumably Slayers are still being born and running around. It could be that the government is seeking out and rounding up these young women and trying to harness their powers -- why they recruited and experimented on River. A Slayer would be a great candidate to be turned into a psychic assassin.

River being a Slayer would certainly explain a lot about her abilities and powers. The fight scenes from the trailer are indeed very reminiscent of Buffy. Also, Buffy used to get prophetic dreams, and with a little magic had other supernatural sensory powers as well. That could explain River's premonitions and ESP, especially if the government has been tinkering with her trying to enhance her abilities. Simon did find that they had cut into her brain and altered things.

Could Reavers then be vampires, or other demons? In Firefly we're given the explanation that they're humans who went too far out into space and went crazy. But they feed on humans (like vampires), look hideous (like vampires wearing their "game face"), and delight in torturing people (like vampires). Perhaps the new army of Slayers gained the upper hand on Earth and later the Core Worlds, driving the vampires out farther and farther into space. Space would be a good place for them anyway, since they don't seem to be adversely affected by the light of other suns: they don't burst into flames from starlight (which is just the light of other suns) and Angel had no problem with the light of Pylea's two suns (then again, that was another dimension -- so it could either be only Earth's sunlight affects vampires or perhaps it's all sunlight in our dimension of sufficient brightness and/or proximity). Reavers being people who went crazy from being too far out into space could just be the explanation that people made up.

The reason the Reavers are beginning to encroach on civilized human space more and more is because the government is rounding up the Slayers for their own purposes and taking them away from their usual duties of keeping the vampires at bay!

So... what do you think?

(Cross-posted to various Jossverse related communities.)

Clarification: No, I do not think this is what Joss is going to do nor do I think that he should. I just think it's a fun fannish intellectual exercise to try to figure out how the two universes could fit together.

Serenity preview screening May 5th!!!

I don't know if anyone has posted this yet (I just joined this community) but I checked the last 40 posts and didn't see anything.

"Attention Browncoats! An unfinished version of Serenity will be showing in the following cities and theaters on May 5th!"

See: http://browncoats.serenitymovie.com/serenity/index.html?fuseaction=tools.cantstopthesignal

I'm going!!!

Update: I read on another forum that sometimes when people first try to buy tickets it comes up as sold out, but when they try again later they are able to purchase them. So perhaps there is a glitch in the software or they are releasing them in blocks. It can't hurt to try again.