May 4th, 2005


Livejournal Serenity/Firefly Quiz

Because I was feeling inspired, I went to MemeGen today and made a Serenity Crew quiz!

My Serenity Crew by ellydragon
Aboard the good ship
Sweet but Stuffy Medicbumblepudding
First Mate & War Buddyinlerah
Wacky Pilotspenceraloysius
Mysterious Shepherdfireflykiwi
"Public Relations"robin_d_laws
Charming Companionneemarita
Whimsical in the Brainpanspringplum
Adorable Mechanicnokomis4
Crimeboss Nemesisrainbowbinky
Insane Stowaway/Spousenevok
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Hope everybody has fun with it!
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Mal music video

I made a music video for a character study of Mal: his personality, history, relationship with the crew, his women and his ship.

Right-click & save target:

Our Mr. Reynolds, 7.74Mb, wmv, music is Pearly* by Radiohead. I chose the song for the music only, and the lyrics make no sense in context, so don't go listening too hard. ;)

Hope you enjoy.

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