May 5th, 2005


Season 2

Hey everyone. I just watched an episode of season 2 Buffy called "Go Fish" The buff lady from Mr. Deeds was the school nurse but i also saw someone that looked familiar?

Is Simon Tam the swimmer that hits on Buffy and gets his nose broken?

If not he has a twin.
Gilmore Girls - You Jump I Jump Jack

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Now, tomorrow I expect to see a nice, long thread of pictures from the screenings tonight for those of us not lucky enough to attend. I'm sure tons of people will be dressed up and that it will be completely crazy. I'm so jealous.

Do me this favor?
bald australia sepia

2 tix to Vegas Screening on ebay.

I scored tickets at the last minute to the Chicago screening so I don't have to fly to Vegas.

So I have 2 tickets for the Vegas screening that I need to sell that I've put up on Ebay.

They are electronic tickets so at 6:30pm PDT, I will email the lucky winner the ticket file which you can print out and take to the gate or I can call your cell phone and give you the confirmation code which will also get you in.
Fables: Goldie

My Jayne Shirt

I used ckirkman's graphic to make myself a Jayne shirt for tonight's screening.

I used a Mossimo t-shirt from Target (which is pretty damn close to the original color) and HP Color Fabric iron-on transfers. It took the hubby a bit to cut out all the twisty fire and lettering with the X-acto, but I'm super pleased with the results.

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