May 6th, 2005

boston screening

this is entirely spoiler-free

i just got back from the boston screening.

one word: AMAZING

sean maher and morena baccarin both stopped by (and to a lot of applause). afterwards, they signed little serenity flyers for people, which was immensely kind of them, and i appreciate how they value the fans as much as we value their show/movie.

but yes. in one word - amazing.

congratulations to everyone who got to see it tonight, and for those who didn't, i hope that you can just be assured by the glowing reviews of the people who did.
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*Spolier Free Review* From ATL Screening

Cross posted from my LJ (more critical review to follow)

"You Can't Stop The Signal"

Its the movie's tagline. Its not just a statement of fact. Its a call to action. The're are no words that convey the greatness that is "Serenity". Their just isn't. You, I, we have to get the word out. We have to convert new fans and get people into theaters to show them just what they are missing.

You Can't Stop The Signal.

I won't stop; I'll never stop.

A more critical review.

Its Firefly. Its Epic. Its Whedon writing on a whole new scale. He'll make you laugh when you want to cry. He'll make you gasp when you should be laughing. And of course there's the action...oh god is their the action.

Yes, the movie is completley accessible to new fans. In brief moments that never ruin the pacing of the movie you'll learn everything you need to know about each character be it how they interact with another, one liner, or...whatever.

The only way you could tell this version of the film was unfinished is that some scenes needed light or color correction. Everything else looks complete, even the SFX.

And if your a fan of the'll get your pay off moments. And you'll curse Whedon for leaving enough mystery that leaves you hungry.
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Captain Tightpants


So the Austin screening... rocked! I know people don't want any spoilers or anything, but I don't think it will spoil the film for you if I tell you that Nathan Fillion and Ron Glass showed up at our screening. I was also sitting in the FRONT ROW because we got there half an hour early and the line was pretty much at its end. While that sucked a bit for the viewing experience of the film, it meant that Captain Tightpants (and his tight pants) were a couple feet from me for the whole introduction and (~40 minute) question/answer session following the film. Oh, and they both autographed an 8x10 poster and gave all of us keychains. KILL. ME. NOW.

P.S. I loved the film!
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New alternate universe fanfic/fan community for Serenity and after

I have created a new fanfic/fan community for an alternate universe in which the movie Serenity ends differently. Fanfic authors and fans who have seen Serenity (or who want to be thoroughly spoiled) are invited to read the description behind the LJ cut and please join if this is something that interests them.

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The comments of this post will likely contain spoilers too, read at your own risk.
chris - the hotness

Hey, Unspoiled Browncoats!

For anybody who doesn't want to get spoiled, I read via Whedonesque that the forums on the official Serenity page are not the place to be right now. Some of the folks who saw it last night are posting spoilers in the subject lines of the threads, so it's definitely hard to avoid them. I haven't looked myself - I just thought I'd give people a heads up. ;)

That said, thanks to everyone on this community who's seen it - y'all have been doing a great job of warning about spoilers and cutting things where appropriate. I for one really appreciate it!
Candycorn Vampire, MS Paint Adventures, Problem Slueth

Where's the Sacramento love?

Why is it that I a spoiler free fan haven't heard anything from the Sacramento screening? Sure, it was technically in Roseville, but that shouldn't have stopped it from happening. Where's the posts from people in Sacramento that made it to the show? I know I'm not the only one because I couldn't get to the show, so WHERE IS EVERYONE? Uh, yeah. OH, also, first post, love the show and the usual things that are said. The main reason I was wondering is I was thinking of how every show had people show up and I was thinking it would really be lame if not only did I miss a show but I missed the show where Alan Tudyk was, so I'd like to know who was at which show so I can go Woot(as in he wasn't there) or Darn(he was there).
Snape reading

Those of you who've seen the film....

I am a spoiler junkie. I just can't help myself. When people started posting spoilers, I had to read them. So now I want the real skinny.


I have read the big twist, and now I want to know why I should see this movie. What are the great things about it? Tell me something that will make me want to see it again and again. I want this to be a BIG DAMN MOVIE, and I need to be inspired. So far, I've only read the negative. Talk to me, people!
Mal/Serenity OTP

Allergic to spoilers

Just looking for an answer here... one of my friends got to see an advance screening, the lucky dog, and when I asked her, she said "sometimes yes, sometimes no," which made the floaty question mark of doom appear above my head.

The question I asked, was "What of sound in space?" The trailer had loud rumbling of the ships in space and explosions and all sorta of crap that wasn't in the series, and for the good reason that there is no sound in space that humans are capable of hearing... anyhow, I'm not looking to be spoiled, otherwise I would have read every synopsis of the movie and would therefore know. Sad to say, I'll be sore pissed off and disappointed in Mr. Whedon if "Serenity" goes the ways of every crappy sci-fi show and movie out there.

Anyhow, just hoping for an answer. Thanks.
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(no subject)

Apparently, the people over at Turbine (makers of many MMORPGS, including Asheron's Call and the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Online) are huge Firefly fans and showed up in force at the Boston screening.... There's a (nonspoilery) thread over at DDO.


Enough spoilers

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm really sick of seeing all the crazy spoiler links. I didn't want to know ANYTHING about the movie, and knowing that people hate the ending, or that some others loved it...that's too much for me to know also.

So, I guess I'm leaving all my firefly comms until I see the movie in September.

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