May 7th, 2005


Mal/Simon video

Am being a Firefly video whore recently & made new Mal/Simon music video.

Right-click & save target:

Space Cadet, 7.61Mb, wmv, music by The Feelers. It was quite hard to vidslash these two because they had so few significant scenes in canon, but I suppose if it's viewed with enough subtexty intention... ;) Hope you enjoy.

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flying spheres

am leaving the communty until the film has been shown

im leaving until ive seen the film and will be back in september sometime.

there's too much hinting and talking-around the spoiler stuff in this community and its only a matter of time before the movie gets spoiled by someone to the extent where i have to come across the pond and chase them down with an axe (Jayne style).

its been a great community, so bye for now all, i'll be back in a few months time


Angry and Armed

I apologize if this query has been posted a million times over. I’ve held off on posting this for quite some time, but I’m terribly confused.

A very large portion of the appeal for me with Firefly was the music. I love the idea of Blues-like music set with beautiful, gliding spaceships. For me it set the tone for the whole series perfectly. Then I watched the trailer.

What in the bloody hell is that techno shit doing in my Firefly?!

Don’t get me wrong, techno is fine, just not for Firefly. I don’t know if this bothered anyone else but the music in the trailer really smacked me upside the head in a bad way. Wah, wah, wah! Why am I posting this? Because the only spoiler I ever want until I see the movie is to find out if there is in fact "classic" Firefly-style music in the movie. Was the techno just in the trailer to hype it?
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Firstly, when is Serenity coming out in the UK? Please let it be soon. Is the film that people have seen the final version, so is it actually out in the US? Do the majority of people/reviewers like it? (I am to lazy to read lots of posts.)