May 9th, 2005


Seattle Serenity on sale already

Looking through the Browncoats forums, I discovered some cities have already put tickets up for sale (of the 10 already known). And by some, I mean one so far.


I don't know how they found it, but I'm glad to have discovered it. It was listed under "Special Advance Preview" so maybe the person searched for that for Seattle. It does pop up there for that title if you search it with Seattle.

And this supports the whole 10 original cities + 10 more probability.

ETA: And with that, a "Special Advance Preview" sale for May 26th at 10 pm for Washington D.C pops up. It's exactly the same as Seattle is, except it's a new exciting city. (Though it would be funny if this were something entirely different. It's hard to guess when everything is unlabeled).

ETA AGAIN: ooooh, it seems fandango is listing everything as sold out now. Maybe they realized people were buying things too soon.
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For those of you interested in role-playing. The dice and paper variety, not the journal variety...

Margaret Weis Productions to Produce Roleplaying Game Book Based on Universal Pictures' Upcoming Release Serenity

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, (April 26, 2005) - Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. is pleased to announce its agreement with Universal Studios Consumer Products Group to produce roleplaying game products based on Universal Pictures' upcoming film Serenity. Written and directed by the Oscar®- and Emmy-nominated Joss Whedon, (creator of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Angel), Serenity is scheduled for release on September 30th, 2005.

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Don't believe your city is sold out for May 26 yet

Until is updated to reflect the correct date (as of 8:30 AM Pacific time it still says May 5 with info about the May 5 screenings) I would not believe that any cities are sold out. I heard that for the May 5 screening there were problems with Fandango and Movietickets saying that they were sold out for a city before they actually were, and then there were more tickets available to buy later.

So don't give up until cantstopthesignal has both the correct date AND says your city is sold out.

I am checking a bunch of different Firefly forums and updating my blog with links to where to buy tickets for various cities as they become available. I might have a link to ticket sales in your city before cantstopthesignal is updated:

May 26th screenings list of cities

As of 10:30 AM I have:

Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Kansas City, MO
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix, AZ
Providence, RI
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA
Washington DC

For updates visit

Does anyone have WORKING links to Austin and Boston? They were up and now they're down?

Also, don't give up if it says sold out. I heard a rumor that some sold out theaters are in the process of upgrading the screening to a larger room and will have more tickets for sale later.

Update of info on May 26th screenings

Last updated 11:49 AM. I am currently in class, until 1:00 PM, and thus am updating less frequently.

All times in this post are my (Pacific) time.

Feel free to copy/paste this entire post to other Firefly forums, but please credit and let people know they can go there for updates.

Here is a list of cities with links to buy tickets. The tickets will say they are to "Special Advance Preview" instead of Serenity. Many are currently showing as sold out, however, there are rumors about possibly upgrading some of the sold out screenings to larger rooms with more seats.

Atlanta, GA (11:00 AM rumored sold out, someone called the theater)
Austin, TX (11:25 AM rumored sold out, someone called the theater)
Boston, MA (11:43 AM rumored selling tickets again, possible theater upgrade?)
Chicago, IL (11:26 AM rumored sold out, someone called the theater)
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Kansas City, MO
Miami, FL
Norfolk, VA
Philadelphia, PA (11:41 AM rumored selling tickets again, possible theater upgrade?)
Phoenix, AZ
Providence, RI (as of 11:30 AM Pacific / 2:30 PM Eastern rumored to still have tickets!!!)
San Francisco, CA (11:15 AM rumored sold out, someone called the theater)
Seattle, WA (11:00 AM rumored sold out, someone called the theater)
Washington DC (10:48 AM rumored sold out, someone called the theater)

Other cities that will have screenings but I do not have links for yet:

Hartford, CT (11:43 AM call automated phone line to buy tickets 1 860 646 9800)
Las Vegas, NV (11:15 AM rumored not selling tickets until May 15, someone called the theater)
Minneapolis, MN
Portland, OR (11:00 AM rumored not selling tickets until May 18, someone called the theater)
Sacramento, CA
Please post complete links to any other ticket sales pages for other cities you find in the comments.

The official site for this stuff is but it was not being updated most of the morning. As of 10:55 AM they have finally updated it with a list of theaters and contact info! As of 11:34 AM contact info has been removed from that site, the theaters were complaining about the deluge of calls. :)

I am monitoring Browncoats,, Livejournal, Serenity Spoilers, and Whedonesque. (At lot of these sites are crashing right now as fans scramble for tickets, though.) Please let me know if there are other forums I should be checking for updates on screenings.
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How to get May 26 tix for the 10 cities that had it on the 5th

Go to Fandango
Search by the theater nearest you that had the showing the last time
Look for movies at that theater starting with S
Choose Serenity
It will say "special advance preview may 5" but the show date will be may 26, 10 pm
Buy tix now, they're going fast!

(argh that this isn't at cantstopthesignal yet!)
(thanks to tips on whedonesque)

EDIT: PS: This comment at Whedoneque has links to several other cities through Fandango:

EDIT: Now a friend tells me that the way it is on Fandango has shifted. Now when you browse S movies, it just shows "Special Advanced Screening" and no indicator that it's Serenity, but the only date that pops up is May 26.

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Sad. I've been trying buy tickets for the Dallas show but when I clicked purchase I got kicked to some wierd site. So I may have purchased tickets three times or I got nothing. Sigh. Anyone else have troubles?

EDIT: Spoke with a customer representative. The Dallas show is sold out and it just shows tickets available. Sigh. appears to be updating now

Last updated 1:40 PM.

Feel free to copy/paste this entire post to other Firefly forums, but please credit and let people know they can go there for updates.

The official website for this information appears to be updating now.

Officially SOLD OUT: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Hartford, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC.

Tickets possibly still available:

Miami, FL
Norfolk, VA
Portland, OR (Rumor has it there are problems purchasing tickets online -- you might want to check with the theater directly.)
Sacramento, CA
Does "sold out" really mean sold out? Some of the "possibly still available" cities are rumored to be "sold out". However there are other rumors that is just a software glitch, and if it is really sold out it will tell you as soon as you click on the screening time, not at the end of the purchasing process.

Tickets are already being resold on eBay:
Other: Brain Canon

Back so soon after leaving...

Sadly my debit card had no money and my dad refused to order tickets until over 5 hours after I asked him to after I also told him that they would sell out soon. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone on here has any extra tickets to the screening in Minneapolis. I would appreciate two, but if I could only get one, I'd still love you forever. Thanks.