May 10th, 2005

Sora/Kairi - Embrace

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Hey boys and gals,

Just advertising a new community, Spoiler-free Browncoats (spoilerfreebc), for Firefly fans looking for a safehaven from Serenity spoilers. It's nothin' too shiny, and I can't be offerin' fresh strawberries to all who join, but c'mon, check it out. Never hurts to have another place gab about your fandom.

Thanks for your time.

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I feel honored to share my Christmas presant with you all. I hand't gotten around to putting it on until now, but here it is! There are only four of its kind in existance, and since I didnt get tickets to a screening it feels incredibly good to say that!

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flying spheres

wallpaper wanted

im looking for the following in wallpaper form caus its about time i sorted out my desktop.

As huge as possible would be perfect (1280x1024), but anything smaller would also be appreciated.

thanks -- can anyone help?