May 12th, 2005

I heart LV

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Hi all.

I'm the "uptight" Brit that someone had posted about (and now deleted) and I just wanted to clarify things.

Firstly, I was the only one who posted a response to the persons post which was blatant spam - telling us about the Can't Stop the Signal screenings - so making it sound like we chased this person out of the community is nonsense. No one "kicked" you.

All I posted was "isn't it a bit silly spamming a british journal with this" - We don't have any screenings in this country so telling us to buy tickets to our nearest city before they sell out doesn't make any sense. This wasn't me being hostile.

No one objected about the post detailing their views on the film - no one - I just wanted to point out that maybe this community wasn't the most logical place to tell people of the screenings. serenity2005 is (from the info) "for those of us going to Serenity, the Firefly Convention in the Thistle Hotel, 29th April - 1st May 2005" not for general discussion about the film.

I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm bitching or whining, I just feel that maybe people should be more careful where they post info about the film. I'm all for the guerrilla marketing but if we just blindly spam every place that even mentions Serenity, then we are going to piss people off and end up giving Serenity a bad name.

I also wanted to reassure everyone that there is no hostility from British fans (at least the ones I know!). We're just as excited as everyone else is about the film - especially as nearly 1000 of us were at the world's first Serenity Convention less than two weeks ago - so I hope people don't assume we're all negative.


EDIT: I've changed it as people were getting confused. I'm not talking about this community, I'm talking about a post made in the serenity2005 community.