May 18th, 2005

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Final Serenity covers

On the main site they've loaded up all of the current Serenity covers now.

I heart Josh Middleton and his River cover, though I think Jo Chen did a pretty great job with Kaylee too. ^_^ The Simon strikes me as a little strange since it's so unlike the others (and the character, considering he's armed with what looks like the third largest gun out of all the covers because of perspective) but that just makes me more anxious to check out the series.

Here's hoping that the Serenity trailer's being hooked up with the Star Wars movie...
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quick question...

err... actually let me say HI! first. i'm a community newbie here... long time firefly fan...

now on to my question... does anyone have the new serenity logo, without the word serenity on it? i love it love it love it the way it is, but need it without the word for a little thing i'm working on... and i'm not skilled enough to remove it myself.

thanks for the help :)
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Gilmore Girls - You Jump I Jump Jack

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For those of you who saw the last Serenity screening, about how long does it run? A group of us are taking a three hour drive to see it, so I'm trying to figure out how late I'll be to work the next day. That is, if I go in at all.
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