May 19th, 2005



I don't watch much TV, but when I do it is littered with Star Wars-licensed products. 7-11, M&M's, happy meal toys and Legos or whatever. It's freakin' everywhere; so much so, that I'm hesitating to bother seeing the movie. I'll probably go to a matinee in a week or so.

I know that Serenity has action figures planned and comic books, all good for the audience, but are there any other tie-ins? I wouldn't expect to see happy meal toys, it's not necessarily a kids movie, but I would be disappointed if Joss went the Spielberg/Lucas route on this one and had Mal hawking Whoppers or insect repellent or some other go se you don't need. I would love to see a model of serenity herself, like one of the cool Testors models, not some awful Snap-Tite one. (Limited appeal there, I'd guess.)

What do you suppose the goofiest product tie-in or merchandising idea for Serenity would be?
Saturday morning cartoon to get kids to buy the toys al a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or Transformers?
Hmmm, what about toothbrushes with poorly drawn cartoon representations of the characters on the handles?
x-files - space girl

Firefly is coming to the Sci Fi channel.

Sci Fi channel will start airing reruns of Firefly on July 22nd. They picked it up as part of their Friday night line up. In preparation for Serenity, I imagine. Sci Fi channel is owned by Universal, which is producing Serenity.

This is great marketing strategy. It looks like Universal really does have faith in the 'verse. A summer of Firefly reruns on cable is sure to bring in new fans and increase the buzz.
Candycorn Vampire, MS Paint Adventures, Problem Slueth

Really, Really Fake Spoilers

OK, I hope that I don't get too many flames for this, but I have decided that I will now use my amazing psychic powers to predict all the things that will happen in "Serenity" even though I won't be seeing the movie until September 30th. I have no reason to do this and since I'm not actually going to be telling any real spoilers and I'm just doing this to be odd I hope that everyone takes it as it's supposed to be: a joke.
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There, hopefully this doesn't spoil the movie too much for everyone, but you can't say that I didn't warn you many times that there were spoilers and that they are all fake. Please don't hate me.

Joss Screw-up??

So my friends and I have been Firefly fans from the beginning, but somehow we'd never watched the episodes with commentary. Last night we decided that should be remedied. While watching "Serenity" (the episode), Joss points out that all the bad guys wear hats.

First thing that comes to mind: what of the men in blue? They do not wear hats... but it's also possbile they're not truly bad since they did fight Alliance.

But what of Nishka?

Is it possible that was an oversight? *ducks* Don't kill me too much, please :)
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Sweet Grin

Help, maybe?

I've been skimming posts lately, because I don't want to get too spoiled, so it's possible this has been mentioned, and I missed it. If so, I'm sorry. Anyway, my question is, Where the Hell's the Big Damn Trailer? I thought it was supposed to be with HHG. Saw that. No trailer. I thought maybe Ep. III. That'd make sense, right? No Serenity trailer. And I even warned the people around me that I was going to scream if it came on. But no. *pout* I've seen it online, but I want to see it on the Big Screan. Anyone know where it's showing, or where/when it will be showing?

Thanks in advance.
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