May 21st, 2005

The Secret

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I'm working on a listing of websites with Firefly/Serenity FanVids & Fan Trailers, so if you would like to be listed, please comment with the web address of your Vid/Trailer on my personal Live Journal. I already have the site for the OFFICIAL Serenity Trailer. Thank you in advance.

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Rabid Fangirl

Adam Baldwin's New Show!

Yes that is Adam Baldwin in that pic. He's on Fox's new show, "The Inside." Writers for the series include Espenson (Buffy, Firefly), Fury (Angel, Buffy, Lost), and Minear (Angel, Firefly). You got that. Three Jossverse writers and Adam Baldwin. I'm alsi informed that one of the actresses was on Wonderfalls.

Spread the word in all communities/journals that may be interested.