June 6th, 2005


New Review: Firefly 1.12

Even though I give this episode the same rating as "Trash", I think this one is just a bit stronger. I just love the final scene and how it plays like something of a good-bye to the series, even if it takes place before the chronological end of the sequence of incomplete episodes. I agree with the observation that these three episodes are not quite so focused as the aired episodes, but they suffer somewhat from network interference (these are the scripts written at the network's behest, requiring approval of outlines, IIRC). At the same time, they are clearly meant to set up what would have come later in the season, had it happened.

Here's my review for Firefly 1.12: "The Message":


Overall, this episode is the best of the three unaired installments, even if the final showdown with Tracey is the result of some serious plot contrivance. There’s an underlying sense of loss to the entire hour, and the final scene is really a farewell to the series as it was. This episode has some stunning CGI sequences, and Joss does the usual great job of melding dark humor with drama. It’s not the best “Firefly” episode, but it is another strong one.
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