June 9th, 2005

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Does anyone have a spare couple of tickets for the DC screening? There'll be a pretty penny in it for you if you do...and by this I mean $10.50 per ticket, concessions of your choice, and my eternal love and gratitude.

What the hell!

I'm trying to buy Dallas tickets. I saw them at 10 and started buying them only to be told they weren't available (the time was gray suddenly) then I called and tried to buy over the phone and after I entered EVERYTHING I was told they were unavailable. how did Dallas sell out in less then five minutes? Does ANYONE have two extra Dallas tickets? I'm fuming...

EDIT: I called the theater and DALLAS is SOLD OUT. They sold out in ten minutes (actually earlier as they sold out right before I clicked the final confirmation at 10:04. Apparently people were buying them at 10 tickets at a time. Bet it was people who've seen it before....man I just wanted to go see the movie and my dial up apparently screwed me over. If someone has tickets for Dallas I'll buy them...though it seems mainly scalpers got them. :(
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okay... it only took minutes but its sold out in Sacramento. I need two tickets. i stared at the damn thing forever waiting and in the time it took to change pages they were ALL gone. i've got a newbie that wants to go. we've got 3 hour drive plans. i need 2 tickets. can anyone help me out????

ETA: there are freshly baked cookies for anyone who can help me out. plus, payment for the tix and i'm willing to negotiate dinner...
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Chicago screenings?

I'm hearing reports that various cities' tickets have already gone on sale but have already sold out. Other cities have reports that their tickets go on sale TOMORROW.

The Movietickets.com site for Chicago's AMC River East 21 shows a "Special Advance Screening" but won't display a showtime or allow purchase for tickets on the 23rd. Calling their order line won't help either. June 23 tickets are simply not offered. I haven't dug out the theater's direct phone #, so I can't verify anything yet.

Anyone with any clues about what's up with Chicago? The last 2 times it's been one city to sell out first, so I'm worried my crew has missed the boat yet again.

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I have been watching fandango like a hawk since the new date was leaked weeks ago and I refreshed and the SECOND that the 10:00 showing appeared and I clicked it fandango wouldn't load. It's technically *still* loading and never reaching the ticket screen. I called the theatre and he said they're already sold out. Now HOW can that logically be when they aren't even reachable on fandango and never were except by one person I know of so far. Still, anyone in Atlanta whose car ISN'T in the shop like mine and can get to the theatre he said there are 42 tickets, first come first serve. If anyone wants to get one for a very very frustrated fan I'd appreciate it and pay in full of course. Either way I'll see you guys at the theatre on the 23rd because I'll either be there with a ticket or with a sign asking for a ticket. *sigh*


Even if you didn't get tickets, if you're nearby you might go to the theatre the night of the show anyway. I know at the 26th screening one of the guys there had an extra ticket that hadn't gotten used he tried to sell at cost, and nobody would buy it. Not saying it'll happen, but you never know?
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Just wanted to say that Boston officially sold out in under 2 hours. my bf went online but they were already sold out there. he then called and said that they had more tickets available if you went IN PERSON to pick them up. this is at 1215 or so.
245 our friend who was visiting Boston, stopped in, already ALL sold out.

i would say it was amazing if we had gotten tickets, now i am just saddened :( i had newbies i wanted to show the movie to! i cant TALK about it with them until they SEE it, gorramit!

Enjoy it if you got tickets, its a good one! real shiny